The Relation of ASO and SEO

In case you don’t know, ASO stands for app store optimization. In many ways the app store is a microcosm of the internet itself. ASO is just as important to an app developer or app marketer as SEO is to a webmaster. Unless these skills are implemented, web-based campaigns or app launches will almost always be futile. SEO and ASO are both of equal importance in their respective fields. Even online marketers and app developers with world-class products will fail if they don’t properly implement SEO and ASO.  After all, the only way to become profitable is to generate leads. While SEO is centered on search engine traffic, ASO is centered around the internal traffic within the app’s own search engine.

The Relation of ASO and SEO

Likewise to SEO, every marketer’s ASO journey starts with the keywords. Luckily, this doesn’t have to be a process that revolves around trial and error.  ASO programs offer similar research tools that will assist you in making an informed decision regarding which keywords to rank for. The only difference is there’s nowhere near as much content writing required for ASO marketing. ASO largely revolves around which keywords are integrated into the product description. One of the advantages of investing in ASO is it’s a relatively affordable.  Unlike webmasters, companies launching or marketing apps don’t have to account for the ongoing expenses on publishing content.

Nowadays, running a successful ASO or SEO campaign both revolve around the same thing; providing the consumer with a valuable product or service. In the past couple of years, major search engines such as Google began to place more emphasis on social signals when ranking a site. This was an effort improve the user browsing experience overall. Generally, people are more likely to discuss or recommend sources that appeal to the masses. As such, websites that received a lot of mentions or links from sites such as Facebook and Twitter were rewarded considerably with a boost in their SERP rankings. It should come as no surprise that a successful app launch is dependent on the quality of the app itself. If an app is poor quality, it’s much less likely that someone will recommend it to their friends and family. There is no better example in online marketing than Youtube. If a video goes viral, it’s almost always something that’s brilliant, compelling, or funny! It should be no surprise that blatant promotional videos or bland slideshows rarely go viral.  Indeed, publishing a video that will appeal to or shock the masses has always been the most cost-effective video marketing strategy.

There are many similarities between the two that go without mention. Each system extracts data from its respective industry giant. While SEO tools typically analyze Google and Bing, ASO tools typically generate findings using iOS and Android. Many of the best content providers and app developers often have no technical expertise or knowledge of ASO and SEO themselves. Start-ups simply can’t afford to take a trial and error approach to online and app marketing. Time is money and technology is changing at an exponential rate. Thankfully, there are a wide range of world class tools that make the learning curve a lot smoother. With many tools offering month-long free trials, there’s no excuse to not start profiting today!

SEO is a term that you’re probably familiar with by now, and anybody who’s been in the business of creating a website (or simply maintaining one) knows how important it is. It’s actually an acronym that stands for “Search Engine Optimization”, and when you’re looking to create a website that will resonate and bring in new users daily you’ll need to go through the process properly. There are a bunch of things that make up the SEO world, and it’s important to know what those things are. If you’re looking into the process of ASO (App Store Optimization) you’ll notice that knowledge related to SEO is very useful, and that’s mainly because the terms and actions you do within search engine optimization are identical to some used in ASO. Not only is it handy information to know, but it will help you work with applications and rank them easier at a quicker pace. If there’s one thing you can enjoy in the online business world it’s extra money and extra time, so knowing more about SEO before getting into ASO is actually a smart idea (although if you don’t know about both learning about ASO will probably help you with SEO as well).

ASO is a term that is quite new to an abundance of people, but don’t be ashamed if you’re part of that particular category. It’s a relatively new topic that most people don’t take into consideration during the online marketing endeavours, but it’s something that should most definitely be looked into. The giants like Google Play and the Apple App Store are the perfect platform to create an income online, but trying to get into the ASO process and trying to get into the process properly are two completely different things. SEO is very similar to ASO when it comes down to it, and we’re going to show you exactly why this rings true.


Keywords are crucial for any internet marketers or webmasters that’s trying to rank their websites, and this is the exact same case when it comes to ASO. Applications still have a search engine process implemented within the app store, so this means in order to get an upper hand on the competition (which is other similar apps) you’ll have to optimize your application properly. Keywords are specific search terms that can be used within the description and titles of your applications in order to give it a boost, but the important thing is to make every search term related to your application. One example would be an application related to finding Canadian musicians for the music explorers out there, but you wouldn’t want to make use of a keyword like “German music app” or “Underground Cuban funk” (I think you get the point!). This is the exact same case when it comes to SEO purposes, because a website that’s completely dedicated to cars and automobiles isn’t going to try and rank for a keyword like “bicycle wheel replacements”.

The average monthly search volume is another interesting trait that applies to both ASO and SEO, and that’s something that needs to be looked at regardless of the keyword you’re trying to rank for. The average monthly search volume is pretty much what’s going to tell you the amount of traffic that’s plausible, if the average monthly search volume is hovering around 10,000 or more searches you’re going to be ranking for 10,000 potential customers. Money rules all when it comes to internet marketing, so using every resource at your disposal to create an income is a very attractive thought to most. When you try work with a keyword that doesn’t have a large amount of searches on a monthly basis you’re going to be “working for peanuts” (so to speak), so don’t put yourself in that position and steer clear of low-quality keywords.

ASO Tools

The abundance of tools that you can make use of when it comes to an ASO or SEO campaign is pretty extravagant, and that’s another neat thing that brings these two processes together. Not only are there tools and specific subscription programs that help you maximize your applications ASO (they provide you with analytics and such, etc.) but you’ll also notice that there are the exact same type of tool sets available when it comes to SEO as well. Tools are one of the most useful things you’ll ever come across when it comes to both ASO and SEO, because many people are going to find these thing difficult to grasp. There are a bunch of different things to take into consideration at all times, and those who aren’t informed are going to suffer as a result.

The Google Keyword Planner is the perfect example of a related tool, because both ASO and SEO optimization projects can make use of it. SensorTower offers a program that is built specifically towards the process of ASO, but it’s essentially the same thing as the GKP with a few extra features. Tools make the sticky situations a little less honey-like, and they also save you time (which will more than likely save you some money). ASO and SEO are usually accompanied by a respectable budget and reasonable time frame, so sometimes it’s nice to cut a few corners the high-quality way.


Competition is stiff no matter where you’re trying to rank, whether it be a website or an application. There’s definitely money to be made, and as a result the competition seems like its ever-growing. If there’s one thing that can without a doubt be related to both ASO and SEO it’s innovation, because both the app store optimization process and the search engine optimization process are becoming increasingly difficult to work with. Google maintains a large amount of updates on a frequent basis, and this means that web developers and marketers alike need to keep their heads on a swivel. The application store is somewhat saturated, and when you need to stand out from the crowd you have to implement a high quality ASO campaign with all of the proper traits involved.

Just like there are major search engines to try and rank for (like Google and Bing or Yahoo!) there are different platforms to try and rank your applications on, those being both the Google Play store and the Apple App Store. Diversity is key in both processes, so putting all of your eggs in one basket isn’t the proper thing to do. If you’re going to try and rank for one search engine you should be tackling others as well, and this goes the same for any ASO activities you may indulge in as well.


The types of techniques (meaning both blackhat and whitehat) being used for an ASO campaign can vary, and this is the exact same case when dealing with SEO campaigns as well. Many people know how to properly rank a site the whitehat way, which would be through the typical means of on-page SEO optimization and such. One of the other paths that many people forget (for both ASO and SEO) is the blackhat one. The perfect blackhat scheme pertaining to ASO would be one that boosts ratings or downloads, because applications that appear popular are going to be downloaded much more (as opposed to ones that have a very small number of downloads and ratings). A blackhat technique that’s implemented by SEO campaign leaders and workers is the hidden text process, which makes use of hidden text on the page (where readers can’t see it) in order to increase their prominence.

It’s a battle of wits and technique when you’re looking towards both ASO and SEO, and knowing the different tips and tricks is crucial for both of them. They’re both here and they’re both incredibly innovative, and time is only going to make sure that trait remains true for a long, long time! Inform yourself of the different techniques out there and you should be able to conquer both ASO and SEO with relative ease, it seems as if the similarities really do call for a celebration every now and then.

The things that make ASO and SEO related are pretty apparent, so if you’re looking at it like some new-age rocket science sort of thing you need to keep it simple. Most of things you’ve been applying to your SEO campaigns are going to be just a useful when it comes to your ASO ones, so keep that in mind the next time you’re stumped trying to rank your application. Trying to wrap your head around something new isn’t the best situation for a lot of people to be in, but when the situation is related to something you’re already aware of it becomes increasingly easy to deal with it.

ASO isn’t that hard to comprehend after all, all you’ve got to do is remember your SEO roots and you’ll be completely fine. Take advantage of the resources available to you and there’s absolutely no way you can fail.

Author: Paul Andre de Vera

Paul Andre de Vera's diverse technical and creative background and entrepreneurship has led him to build successful online properties. In addition to Paul Andre's business ventures, he's formerly the SEO/SEM Manager at SuccessFactors- an SAP company and now the Director of SEO at SmartRecruiters. On his free time he is learning to become an ASO ninja.

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