Top ASO Tools of 2014

When it comes to succeeding as a startup, attention to detail is paramount. Many companies invest a huge portion of the resources into hiring “rock star developers” While a practical and high-quality app is a very compelling product, one can’t overlook the importance of app store optimization. It’s similar to starting an e-commerce website and not sinking a dime into marketing. How do you expect anyone to be able to find your product?

Top ASO Tools of 2014

While a startup may be ecstatic that it’s come up with a profitable idea; it’s most likely going to entail a lot of competition. It should come as no surprise that the most profitable niches are the most competitive. However, similarly to implementing SEO strategies; one can implement app optimization strategies to improve their ranking within the app store’s search feature. This can potentially improve the chance of an app getting downloaded or purchased. When ten times as many people are downloading the app, the chances of the product “going viral” improve exponentially.

If you’re focusing on developing an app, it can be difficult to find the time to master app optimization. Many people aren’t tech savvy and can’t afford to compromise their business. Furthermore, many new startups are short on cash and can’t afford to outsource their app optimization to a reputable marketing firm. This massive void in the market has lead to the popularization of app optimization tools.

Without further ado, here are the hottest ASO tools of the year:


For a subscription of $15 per month, it’s easy to see why Appcodes is a tempting option for up-coming app development companies. For a price that’s less than what the average developer spends per week on coffee, it’s worthwhile to learn how to increase the rankings of your app in the app store.


One of the most enticing ASO tools is Apptamin. What makes this one stand out from the crowd is its emphasis on video marketing. It recognizes that ASO SEO is crucial but goes one step beyond by developing a proven system to greatly improve visitor retention. Like they said on their website “video is the next best thing to trying your app” Focusing on enhancing the user experience as opposed to solely on SEO is a very forward thinking philosophy. If you’ve got $750 lying around this could be your big-ticket investment that gets your app off to a fast start and well on its way to a viral explosion!

Appstore Rankings

Another good ASO tool for people on a shoestring budget is Appstore Rankings. This programs rings in at approximately $80 per month. This tool is very handy for developers who don’t have any ASO knowledge. It has a fantastic easy to use interface. Appstore doesn’t only spit out recommended keywords to rank for but has a handy notification system that updates webmasters ass soon as their app store ranking has changed. The tool provides updates from everything from single keywords to breaking into the app store’s featured list. Sounds nice, huh? Achieving a top ranking is all a quality app needs to take off. Simply put, it makes all the difference in the success of an app launch. When one takes the pricing into consideration, Appstore Rankings is the next best thing to investing in a pricy mobile marketing service. This company has truly perfected the art of keyword ASO ranking.


If you are truly on a shoestring budget you can still, rest assured, afford a reputable ASO program membership. For just $25 a month, SearchMan provides an accurate keyword research and competitor research tool. Considering that your competition is outsourcing their marketing for a set rate, you will already have a huge competitive advantage. All that’s required is taking a few minutes out of your day to follow through with your keyword research.

If you’re rolling your eyes at the notion of spending money on a monthly subscription, you have yet to understand the importance of ranking high within the app store. A 2013 study concluded that over 40% of all apps are “phantom apps” In other words, no one’s downloading them. These statistics should be a major wakeup call for startup companies. While investing money on conventional SEO and marketing is never a bad idea, it is much more cost effective to invest in a quality ASO service.

ASO Professor

If you’ve got a larger marketing budget, ASO Professor is a no-brainer. It implements a proven system to beat the competition and achieve a high ranking. The reason why ASO Professor is so reputable is that it provides one of the most comprehensive services. We like to think of it as the perfect ASO tool for people who want to be spoon-fed! It makes it effortless to select a category to rank your app in. This is the first step in any successful campaign. Of course, it also provides the standard comprehensive keyword research that one would expect to see in a quality ASO application. However, the fact that it also recommends a high-gravity name certainly doesn’t hurt. Studies have shown that the catchiness of an app’s name is an integral part of its success on the open market. Ultimately, developers shouldn’t think of ASO as merely taking advantage of the ranking algorithm but marketing to appeal to the consumers themselves. Just like creating compelling ad copy and sales letters, you need to promote your app to appeal to people who are browsing the app store.

To top it all off, ASO Professor provides competitor research. This is a must-have for anyone who’s ambitious enough to dominate in a competitive niche. But we all know what they say; the competition is where the money is! Indeed, ASO Professor is the perfect way for experienced developers and marketers to take their game to the next level and rake in truly impressive profits.

App Clover

App development companies who’ve already had successful launches will benefit from investing in one of the more recent state-of-the-art ASO programs. Considering its capabilities, AppClover is quite reasonably priced. An upscale product, AppClover clocks in at a $397 one-time fee.

App Promo

As they mention on their website, App Promo offers an in-depth guide to “icon and screenshot suggestions to increase conversions” Since the majority of app marketers don’t take this into account, it opens up an exciting world of possibility to dominate more competitive niches. This will ultimately improve brand recall and app comprehension ten fold. It’s a must-have for anyone who’s serious about going viral. Moreover, app promo offers the category recommendation tool and optimized description creator that one would expect from a comprehensive ASO research system. If you’ve got a compelling app, you won’t regret investing $1500 for the one-time App Promo fee. Indeed, while ASO offers an exciting world of unprecedented potential, marketers still need to spend money to make money.

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